Liminal City

- a psycho-geographic mapping of Melbourne


Musician: Roger Alsop
Choreographer/Dancer: Tony Yap
Producer: Takashi Takiguchi

Liminal City project produces dance videos in different locations in City of Melbourne. It is a psycho-geographic mapping of marginal Melbourne sites to explore their hidden potency. The dance videos attempt to map the energetic and spiritual meanings onto the psycho-geography of viewers.   

'Liminal City' is the dance video project led by Tony and collaborator, musician Roger Alsop. During January and February 2021, an estimate of 10 significant sites were chosen in all areas of the City of Melbourne in respects to the hidden and marginalised situations, and 10 videos have been recorded in response.

'Liminal City' is to experimentation of the theory of psychogeography through the dance and music composition.... Psychogeography is concerned with the human perception of place and how it changes over time. It is a subfield of geography, defined in 1955 by Guy Debord as "the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals". The process is finding ways to consider and present Melbourne in psychological sites – the freedom and limitations it presents through the marginalised and dominant places – through the extensions of the parameters of dance and music practice.

The sites overlays the mapping frames of Indian philosophical texts on understanding desire and emotions (pleasure and pain). Unfulfilled and thwarted desire causes unhappiness with emotions of anger, suffering, envy and unhappiness in contrast to fulfilled desires to produce joy, contentment and happiness.

> The Performance & Launch of Videos / Q&A
Roger and Tony will present 'Liminal City' as perfomance. Together, they scouted the city, charting and mapping in choreographic/sonic process by experimenting the idea of extending the dancer and musician as contemporary ‘geomancers’ – analysing and interpretating selectec sites.  Strategically in a fixed position, the camera served as a constant widow to the dance of both body and urbane sites. The idea is to create an exposé of the psychological link between in choreography/music to the selected sites.

Tony’s trance-positioned choreography is base for the construction of an ‘inner’ somatic response to external prompts from structures that comes from history, architecture, memory, traffic, and from toxic to healthy spaces. His work is informed by over a decade of research in Asian-shamanistic trance practice and how it crosses over to contemporary dance practice.

The final videos will be accessible to public at the time and place of the launch.

There will a quick launch of the videos and a Q&A session after the performance.   


Loop Bar – Thurs 18 Mar 2021, 5.30 pm
23 Meyers Place, Melbourne
Tickets: $10

See AGE article - The original inspiration: "In His Bubble"



Videos of 10 sites



Site 1 – Dock at Docklands









Site 2 – Southern Cross Station







Site 3 – Marvel Stadium














Site 4 – Lane between Bourke and Little Bourke










Site 5 – Little Bourke St











Site 6 – Paramount Food Court










Site 7 – Corrs Lane








Site 8 – Parkade










Site 9 – Flinders Station














Site 10 – Federation Square (without music)











This project has been assisted by the City of Melbourne.









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