The PAN-oramic Pavilion

– mini-festival showcases a collective of artists


Tony Yap + Company – an artist collective from diverse cultures, disciplines and age-groups - will transform the Pavilion’s indoor and outdoor spaces into a dynamic, multi-use, arts and performance hub for the general public and for fellow creative industry practitioners, emerging and established. 

Led by Tony Yap, this core collective of 10-15 collaborators have previously worked together in festivals and residencies throughout India and South East Asia.  Internationally experienced in site-specific work, they will utilize ALL of the Pavilion’s indoor and outdoor spaces – the main room, paved terrace and surrounds as sites of artistic exploration and experimentation. 

Fitzroy Gardens Pavilion Engagement Analysis 2021 suggests the ideal use of the Pavilion as a dance/performance space aligned with creative workshops.  In considering this ideal, Pan-orama Pavilion puts dance/movement; art-making and creative expression at the heart of free, not-for-profit, community wellbeing experience.  They will utilize the Pavilion as a multidisciplinary hub for theatre, performance art, dance, costume, fashion, tapestry, digital art, sculpture, video, music (acoustic and recorded), drawing, poetry and writing.

Public and fellow artists will visit and re-visit the Pavilion site over summer for the ongoing development of such works-in-progress.   Participants may observe and/or engage with Artists in a series of weekly workshops, showings and events which culminate in an electrifying large-scale finale, PAN-orama at the Pavilion.

> The PAN-oramic Pavilion mini fest
This mini-festival showcases a collective of culturally diverse, multi-disciplinary artists who offer group performances, workshops and classes during January at Fitzroy Gardens Pavilion – 9 January to 5 February 2023.

This proposal for post-pandemic, neo-ecstatic dance/performance/art uses psycho-physical trance aesthetics as a powerful, direct expression of the human psyche. The word ‘panic’ originates from the Greek god, Pan – half human, half goat, who frolics in green pastures and forest but creates pan-ic when he is unsettled. Confusion, division and pan-ic were signs of the recent pan-demic. During such times, our participation in art can lead us to a re-ordering and rediscovery of our true nature. In his seminal essay “Theatre and the Plague”, Antonin Artaud points out - “we do not die in our dreams…our will operates even in absurdity, even in the negation of possibility, even in the transmutation of the lies from which truth can be remade.” (Artaud, The Theatre and Its Double.)


3, 4, 5 FEBRUARY 2023
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Tony Yap + Company


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This project was developed in a pace managed by the City of Melbourne's Creative Spaces program and with kind support from Asialink






The Creative team:
> Creative director:  Tony Yap
> Musician: Reuben Lewis
> Digital media artist: Cy Gorman
> Installation creation: Dianne Dickson
> Wearable sculptures: Akiko Ando
> Dancers/performers: Adam Forbes, Taka Takiguchi, Lynne Santos, Kathleen Gonzalez, Lisa Dethridge, Domenico de Clario, Lee Kien Fei
iThe Movement Classes Instructors:
> Tony Yap, Adam Forbes, Lee Kien Fei



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