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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; well-known sports brand Nike claims to suffer unfair treatment in the Gold League: Adidas line with what I can not? --- & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; competition held this month in the IAAF Golden League in Brussels station, about 20 of Nike's athletes in the Nike organization, wearing the new Nike Sportswear . The difference is that this new version of sportswear with larger and more prominent than usual Nike logo on sportswear. However, under IAAF regulations, athletes are not allowed in an individual race meeting so deliberately exaggerated promotion of the private sponsor logo. Therefore, these athletes are not being asked to use the race organizing committee special number plates covered Nike trademark, it is to be ordered to replace sportswear. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; last weekend in Brussels on the eve of the race, Nike has continued to express to organize more athletes wearing "foul" clothing. Nike in the end, for whatever reason, the courage to take so great condemnation, the organization of such a large scale illegal activities? That they are in protest to the IAAF suffered injustice. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Earlier, Nike spokesman said on trademark issues, they have been treated unfairly IAAF: Because IAAF same provision, Nike's biggest competition rival Adidas (hereinafter referred to as Adi) sponsored athletes allowed dressed with "three slash stripe," the Adidas logo contest. Nike wanted to do this thing open, thereby forcing the IAAF for all the clothing brands alike. Before the IAAF give a satisfactory answer, Nike will c jordans on sale mens ontinue to call on all of its athletes were wearing with greater 'tick' logo clothing competition. "Nike protests resolve Checkmark and three slashes streak not like it & nbsp;?? & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; then the IAAF sponsor logo on the clothing on in the end there are those specified why the same rules actually have very different? treatment? In fact, in the primary race for the athletes of the commercials on clothing worn by the content and form, the IAAF would have made express provision. But in this month, Helsinki station on the eve of the beginning of the Golden League, the IAAF again This requirement to make changes in the new regulations, the level tournament, players are not allowed to appear on any individual's private sponsors trademark clothing brand. The only clothes that can appear only on the manufacturer's brand clothes. But in this Under the new rules, the IAAF impressively the Adidas logo included allowed "manufacturer brand" in the column, while the Nike logo is inexorably be summarized as "Sponsored brand" of the line & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; International This practice obviously angered IAAF Nike Nike Europe Contact Head UN Enke openly challenge:. "The IOC has asked various international sports organizations to strengthen the management of all trademark use, requiring equal treatment of all sponsors. But the IAAF did not follow this provision. "& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of course, in order to prevent athlete's embarrassment, ranking Enke also said:" Nike's athletes will not insist on wearing 'Foul' clothing the game, after all, exercise is their profes cheap foamposites sion. But Nike athletes hope to get support. "Adam Xiao Hua was born in 1962 in New York City, his parents are engaged in legal work, and all the fans in New York, when Xiao Hua also love Nicks. from the University of Chicago studying law, Xiao Hua has worked as a clerk in a litigation law firm in New York, David Stern to stay there. Write a letter of recommendation in detail later want to switch to the Xiao Hua also has the achievements of predecessors in NBA. Stern was satisfied, he will accept as a personal assistant. Xiao Hua very respect for the black culture, was in the crown ring warrior award ceremony, he and all the warriors of the Boggart by shaking hands are black street. Xiao Hua is hundred-percent workaholic, unmarried. In order to facilitate the work, he chose to buy not far from the NBA headquarters in Fifth Avenue apartment. Xiao Hua is " (Michael Jordan to the Jordan Max)" one of the producer, also has been involved in the production of such as "Yao" and so on NBA documentary, after he joined NBA, started in the pan entertainment. Xiao Hua had in the finals FMVP awards, ignore the legend of Russell, took the trophy to James. Xiao Hua attaches great importance to Chinese market, before boarding the NBA peak power has repeatedly come to China. In addition to Xiao Hua more accurate translation of the name of Silva, and his team eventually chose more ground gas Chinese "Xiao Hua" as the official translation in China. Xiao Hua said, in his early days at NBA for Pan entertainment business and Marbury had the friendship, and he totally did not expect Marbury to su jordans on sale online cceed in China. Shut down in 2011, after Xiao Hua followed Stern officially came to Taiwan, followed by appearances began to increase, by hair problems and decided to Xiao Hua new head of hair. Xiao Hua and some former greats such as O'neal, Barkley very well, he praised Barkley has a great head. Air Jordan 2 can be regarded as the most fashionable with a family of AJ, design and craft shoes have luxury goods in Italy, namely, no Swoosh and no Jumpman Logo, has a simple design occupy a position. The Jordan Brand to a minimalist approach to bring a new Air Jordan 2 Deacon. Shoes with uniform color suede materials show, will also try to simplify the weakening of the retro details of the shapes of shoes. It is reported that the shoes will be on July 15th officially landed Chinese Nike official website, the official website of the black version notice release, the remaining two colors at the same time whether the message has not been on now, please concern with us together!windfall tend to make people ecstatic, recently, foreign shoes of a man has received chilling "surprise." The man did not know specifically the sale of the airport missing items from a store to buy back a pair of sports shoes, and when he put on the shoelaces home to prepare for, find soles a little weird, so he emptied inside but saw unexpected scene , which actually hiding thousands of dollars worth of ecstasy, man scared immediately reported to the police. Footwear unidentified better consider carefully, polish eye, avoid getting himself into trouble. this pair of Library in China during lead exposure of curry 2 "s air jordan 11 space jam for sale uit & amp; tie suits and ties with color, overwhelmed by the stage again and offering information release, shoes tone selection and layout is clear and simple, before and after splicing type layout to monochrome flagship, and with a thin red section, combined with tongue in suit and tie the pictorial image highlights the theme; shoes will be available on December 11, No. 1259007-101. source: SneakersSpyAir Jordan 1 Mid & quot; Night Shade & quot; near-kind tours 2014-05-06 22:45:19 Jordan Brand will soon be launched in the future a & nbsp; & quot; Night Shade & quot; series of works. Series includes the Air Jordan 1 Mid, Jordan V.5 Grown Low, Jordan Flight 45, Jordan True Flight and the new Jordan New Jack 90s, Jordan SC-3 and so on. This time for you to bring a small series lead is one of a & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 Mid & quot; Night Shade & quot;. Shoes in black with navy integral, with the white outsole, overall quite low-key introverted. For more information about this series, so stay tuned follow-up reports quoted SIZE shoes! adidas Originals x TOPSHOP new incoming 2014-05-06 22:42:51 This summer, TOPSHOP new interpretation of & nbsp; adidas Originals & nbsp; classic version portrait launch exclusive series, the sports fashion onto the streets. This series of playing crossover classic, elegant and stylish continuation of tradition, but also for the 2014 spring and summer trend into a creative urban style without limits. These two brands work together, it means that & nbsp; adidas Originals & nbsp; of classic models and design teams collide TOPSHOP chief Cheap foamposites for sale creative spark. Cutting-edge fashion designer with custom printing and design re-polish the classic era pioneer, creating the Department of ultimate capsule collection. The iconic version is extremely simplified, starting from the most origin appearance, to create a city of fashion favorite. Basic fits the series was cut even more personal, highlighting a more unfettered personality attitude. TOPSHOP series inspired by the exclusive launch of a series of London City Scenery printing, & nbsp; adidas Originals & nbsp; It is in this city classic street to break the shackles, declared the new fashion indicators. Evolved from numerous graffiti under the viaduct out of three stripes and clover, became the symbol of this new fashion territory, turned into street culture coordinates. Series apparel using fabrics feel extraordinary, with the texture of the interpretation of the trend of attitude. Silky, ultra-fine copper ammonia fiber cupro and ultra-light wool fabrics to join, to hoodies and bold coveralls adds texture. The vests and T-shirts are printed using a silk and cotton yarn color. Vertical decorated hedging sweatshirt with very soft French terry echo each other, just as the perfect match of his teammates on the pitch. Skinny models both personal and lazy, with a large contrast break the stereotype, both sexy street style, yet just the right kind of decent. Details of the movement of shine, fine tailoring assurance function and fashion coexist - Technology of joint processing and hidden pockets heritage & nbsp; adidas Originals & nbsp; spirit. With the series launch thre jordan shoes online sale e of the most popular shoes engraved version: Superstar new listing, & nbsp; Tech Super and Attitude meticulously crafted by luxury leather, sway TOPSHOP presents the I & nbsp; Air Jordan 12 Retro & quot; Taxi & quot; physical exposure 2013-12-08 23:35:21 Not long ago we reported the year, December 14, Air Jordan 12 Retro & quot; Taxi & quot; color will be heavy struck again, with classic black and white interpretation of the iconic gold buckle, presumably would set off a burst reign of terror. Today, exposure on the network this year engraved version of & nbsp; Air Jordan 12 Retro & quot; Taxi & quot; kind, let's see it now! "The Avengers 2" warmth has not yet dispersed, a public theme color shoes after another hit, which will include this group adidasBasketball to create a series of shoes, the election to its Crazy 97, Real Deal, T- mac 1 and Crazy 8 modeled, were inspired by Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man four core roles, and prominent figures in the details of personality theme, it is learned that the products have been landed in brand shops on sale, like the Friends may wish to look at it.Levi 's Fenom x mastermind JAPAN, in the sale of the day have been sold, and now the only place you can buy is Japanese YAHOO.COM or on our website the recent arrival, in addition to the common mastermind JAPAN logo and FENOM LOGO, we can also see the beautiful SWAROVSKI crystal ornament. download (50.35, KB) download (46.48 KB) download (50.06 KB) download (6 buy cheap jordans online 8.03 KB) download (54.3 KB) Nike is expected to launch the newly designed Nike Hi-Jack on March 16th, the focus of the Nike on the popular female street market. The design of shoes with a strong retro style, in the ankle with an epithelial ring structure, in shape can not help but think of PF, Flyers and Converse All Stars these two classic shoes. Nike Hi-Jack will have black / white leather versions of two different backgrounds, with pink / orange / purple and other variety of colors as embellishment. download (27.44, KB) download (58.89 KB) download (84.55 KB)The Federal Reserve Board 18, launched a series of major initiatives to adjust policy focus: to maintain the federal funds rate unchanged at the lowest point in history -- zero to 0.25% range at the same time, spending a trillion dollars to buy treasury bonds and mortgage related bonds. Among them, the purchase of real estate mortgage bonds and institutional bonds totaling $850 billion, the next 6 months to buy long-term bonds $300 billion, in order to thaw the credit market, inject liquidity, stimulate economic recovery. according to the Federal Reserve Act, during the economic crisis, the Federal Reserve has unlimited currency issues and the right to lend money to anyone without congressional approval. Earlier, the Fed's lending program has increased its asset size from $900 billion to $1 trillion and 800 billion. The stimulus "big" is widely used There was no parallel in history. "bold", "dispute" and other words to describe the Fed's "major decision", "zero interest rate" in that period, the Fed is essentially in the Cheap foamposites for sale "printing money" to increase the supply of credit. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke also bluntly, saying that when the interest rate space is about to lose, we can only give full play to the "money printing machine" function, injecting liquidity into the market to stimulate economic recovery. Analysts believe that in the current "zero interest rate" period, the Fed has officially taken by buying bonds to inject liquidity into the market of "non traditional intervention", it also reflects the severity of the depth of the recession. in the past few weeks, although the U.S. economy appeared some good news, such as the commercial paper market demand, consumer spending tends to be stable, but the Fed's predictions for economic recovery is still very cautious, said the economic outlook remains bleak, the unemployment rate will continue to rise and will continue until 2010. The Fed is also concerned that the US may face deflation. In 18 statement, the Fed said "job loss, and stock prices shrink, the credit crunch is affecting consumer sentiment and spending"; "weak sales prospects and difficulties in obtaining credit funds, leading companies have cut inventories and fixed investment"; "trading partners, the U. S. economy into recession the slump in exports". These factors have forced the fed to use every means to boost economic growth". 's massive stimulus measures were called "floodgates" by some optimistic economists, who were poor and pulled the economy out of the downward spiral. The decision has prompted signs of a turnaround in the financial markets: investor enthusiasm and New York's three biggest indexes are rising rapidly. Some experts believe that if the measures can achieve the desired goal, coupled with the upcoming stimulus spending and corporate spending on the project is progressing well, the U.S. economy will be greatly improved next year. other economists worry about the risks involved. With the Fed's balance sheet expanding to about $two trillion, continued lending will undoubtedly lead to a devaluation of the dollar. The dilution of the dollar's value would be the bane of future inflation. In recent weeks, the dollar has fallen against the euro and the yen, and the price of gold has risen by 26. an ounce since the Fed's decision was announced the latest financial report shows that Adidas in the two quarter of this year net profit attributable to shareholders only 9 million euros, an Pujiang 93%, the industry believes that with Adidas in the domestic market continued weakness in the domestic sales of local brands, Lining sales likely this year than Adidas. Adidas 5 released earnings, due to worldwide demand decline, resulting in sharp decline in corporate profits year-on-year. In addition, Adidas's second quarter revenue fell 3% to 2 billion 460 million euros, while operating profit declined by 66%, to 72 million euros. In the first half of this year, Adidas group's net profit fell 95% to 13 million euros, while sales revenue dropped by 2% to 5 billion 30 million euros. sports observers Guan Shengkun told reporters: "CBN in the Nanjing market, the new Adidas on call 30 percent off, and dealers to 5.1~5.2% of the price of the purchase, plus dealers operating costs, products sold to 30 percent off dealers to mean loss." in the past six months, Adidas in the world's regional markets are almost bogged down in the mire. Net of exchange rates, Adidas European market sales fell 8%, the North American market sales fell 10%, to China and Japan in the Asian market sales fell 9%, only the Latin American market sales increased by 24%, but only 443 million euros, unable to reverse the overall situation. in fact, affected by the financial crisis is not only Adidas, the domestic sports brand also suffered shock, but the impact of Adidas is much smaller than. Guan Shengkun said: "Adidas's previous sales discount rate of 10 percent off on average, and now into the 8.2~8.3 fold; domestic sports brand sales discount rate is generally 8.5~8.6 fold, now down to 7.5~7.6%, the rate of gross profit from the 2008 Olympic period of around 45% to about 30%, but in the sports brand did not injured in the sinews or bones." industry insiders Ma Gang said: "excessive inventory of Adidas's impact is very far-reaching.". The main market of Adidas in China is located in the first-tier cities, first-tier cities Hsintien cost is very high, the number of stores could not expand to two or three line city price it not with domestic brands 200 yuan of competitive products, thus to increase the sales of Adidas can only rely on the same store growth. However, due to too much inventory, the original can be updated once a week, and now only 2 weeks to update, the frequency of goods updates decreased, resulting in sales of the same store growth is limited." Adidas's financial report showed that in the first half of this year, Adidas stock value of 2 billion 41 million euros, an increase of 13%, after deducting exchange rate factors, an increase of 8%. Ma Gang said, most of the domestic sports brand market in the two or three - tier cities, sales growth is not dependent on the same store growth, but by the number of storesthis year's MVP awarded Ross, his ability and pay is obvious to everyone, he won the award naturally also got everyone's absolute approval. He is not only a new star of NBA, but also the biggest weight of Adidas on the basketball court. Here we bring this pair of Adidas adiZero Rose 1.5 Low bull color, we have for you early exposure, this brings more details, this is the side panel with a black and red Adidas's new Sprintskin technology, a light and air. The red shoes, the soles and the tongue is the window decoration. The black and red shoes and red Adidas Ross signature heel eye-catching. So far, Ross playoffs in Adidas adiZero Rose 1.5 and adiZero Crazy Light two shoes in the middle, and these two shoes promotion quite successful. Love Ross, love to help friends low boots please pay close attention to the future of our new Ross reports oh! The famous American shoe Converse classic shoes Chuck Taylor All Star, launched a new work, cooperate with the shop Kicks Hawaii, to create a limited edition of the Chuck Taylor All Star joint camouflage shoes, in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary this camouflage design, inside also use eye-catching orange collocation, is expected to start selling in October 22nd. Download (99.71 KB)

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