map delhi (Mangar Arts & Performance Festival)


This is the inaugural MAP Delhi (Mangar Arts and Performance) Residency. This will be a pilot for the development the residency into a festival for the future. During these six days international and local artists can experiment and ‘feel’ put what is the natural course for the next stage of MAP.
The artists will create and experiment with multi-disciplinary possibilities, creating fresh and new works for the specific sites of Mangar Village. They will exchange ideas and seek spontaneous ways to express.
At the end of the week, the artists will create a showing or a site-specific performances /installations in response to sites around the village. The theme will be Traces of Transformation.
Thank you Sterre Sharma for her visions and generousity. Thank you Anju, and all artists in your passion and creative spirit. Thank you Brendan OConnor for his introduction and passion in working with the local community. This first residency will surely open new and challenging pathways especially in this srinking global village for inter-cultural and creative possibilities.

Tony Yap
Creative Director


map theme – Traces of Transformation


Festival theme: Traces of Transformation will be a site-specific season of contemporary work, with a focus on creating platforms from which independent artists can develop and present diverse works with the genesis of ideas and concepts borne from a cross cultural view point. The vision is for Traces of Transformation to create a platform for spontaneous, innovative and thought-provoking work that embraces mentorship and interdisciplinary art practices with a strong conceptual element surrounding themes of regencies.
ToT aims to explore choreographic language, challenge, dialogue and engagement.This process will incorporate new choreographic and conceptual challenges creating an intrinsic, interactive relationship with the festivals geographical location and finding ways in which these interdisciplinary mediums can further connect and extend up the conceptual themes.
The international artists will work with local artists organised by The Kalakar Trust.
This residency will explore ideas of transformation.












MAP Delhi has been supported by Kalakar Thrust, E-Plus Entertainment Productions, MAP Fest Melaka and TYC - Tony Yap Company.