Traces of Transformation

The Traces of Transformation Residency, maintained by MAP Fest, is a residence located in Melaka, Malaysia, for artists of all disciplines and nationalities. At the Traces of Transformation Residence, artists can focus on their work in a beautiful modern, yet traditional, living- and workspace, and share their thoughts and experiences with the local art scene. Located in centre of historic Melaka, the residency invites visiting artists to immerse themselves in the local art scene and create works that seek to propel and transform their artistic practice.
The residence’s long-term activities and thinking are underpinned by a desire to promote links between traditional and contemporary Malaysian and South-East Asian practices, together with Western and European practices. Its keywords are slowness, insight, and transformation.


For visiting western artists, the concept of slowness is sometimes unfamiliar. Transformation can happen through moments of insight, but we believe that lasting change occurs through slow processes.


Slow processes promote insight. Visiting a foreign land may inspire, but insight requires long term exposure to peoples, cultures and practices. Through such long-term exposure this insight will effect both the visiting resident and the local individuals and groups they interact with.


The goal of the residency is to promote lasting transformation within both the visiting resident and local artists and the art scene.

Applications and invitations

Artists of all disciplines and all nationalities can apply, in addition the artistic director and management of MAP Fest can invite selected artists, curators or other cultural professionals they wish to have a closer collaboration with.
For applicants, the processing of applications is based on peer review. The reviewers are specialists in the relevant field or sub-discipline under which the application has been assigned, and they have the necessary experience to assess applications.
For invitees, the management of Melaka Art and Performance Festival use their own discretion based on the current or long-term goals of the coming MAP Fests.

Open calls

MAP Experimentum "Traces of Transformation" Residency does not accept applications for residencies for the period between 2023-2025. This period is dedicated to the transformation and development of MAP Fest and MAP Experimentum, and residencies will offered on the basis of invitation only. MAP Fest management invites you to make suggestions for residents, you are of course free to suggest yourself.
Our next annual open call is planned from 1 March to 31 March, 2025. The open call in March 2025 is for residency places in 2026.


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MAP Fest acknowledges the support provided by Andrew Ching, Suen Kar Nee and the staff from E-Plus Global for past decade. MAP is non-profit and all support provided are mostly voluntarily.




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