map rainbow - the embodied landscape


When: Saturday 28 April 2018

Map Rainbow – the embodied landscape, as part of the Rainbow Oasis - creativity on the fringe of the Desert, launches its inaugural pilot arts and performance festival, a site-specific festival with a focus on creating a platform for independent artists from all disciplines fostering the creative potential. Map Rainbow has developed a philosophical vigor ­– a rich ground where artists from different displines, background and levels of accomplisment can find a place for creation, collloboration, exchange and creative experimentation. Map Rainbow is part of family of MAP festivals in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

Tony Yap
Creative Director


map theme – the embodied landscape


According to the framework of evolutionary aesthetics, a sense of beauty is related to environmental adaptation and plasticity of human beings, which has adaptive value and biological foundations. The Embodied Landscape will be a site-specific season of contemporary work, with a focus on creating platforms from which independent artists can develop and present diverse works from the geographic and cultural sites of the Mallee, with the genesis of ideas and concepts borne from a cross cultural view point. The vision for MAP Rainbow is to create a platform for spontaneous, innovative and thought-provoking work that embraces interdisciplinary art practices with a strong conceptual element surrounding themes of regencies.
The Embodied Landscape provides the thematic line to explore choreographic language, challenge, dialogue and engagement. This process will incorporate new choreographic and conceptual challenges creating an intrinsic, interactive relationship with the festivals geographical location and finding ways in which these interdisciplinary mediums can further connect and extend the conceptual themes.

map creative director Tony Yap
oasis creative director Dianne Dickson
project manager Adelle Rohrsheim
cultural liason Takashi Takiguchi

Performers and Artists, dancers and musicians bare local and from overseas including the Wotjobaluk dancers and SACPA Indonesia



The Oasis: Creativity on the Fringe of the Desert is a Small Town Transformations project. Small Town Transformations is a Victorian Government initiative, managed by Regional Arts Victoria.






– Please fill in this short form: https://form.jotform.co/80730304850853

Deadline is 31 March 2018. the places will be limited and artists will be given a site for performance from 30 minutes to 1 hour or possibly longer according to your concept.

The selection of works is decided by a selection committee, however this is an inclusive festival and the decision in mainly base on the number of artists the festival can accommodate.

The festival may be able to provide a sound system but this is not guranteed. Your site will very likely have a power point for your sound system if you have one. You, the artist, are responsible for all your personal and artistic requirements. The festival provides you with a site and a schedule and publicity, you'll have to obtain your own source of funding for your requirements, including transport and accommodation.

The festival will have a website for artists biography and synopsis of your work.


For more information: email tonyyap@netspace.net.au




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