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Ongoing training and explorational workshops continue to this day. > The workshops combines physho-physical training methods and Asian shamanistic trance practices. > The workshops incorporates a training methodology that aims to develop spontaneity, letting the body find its own individual language in psycho-physical expression. > Ultimately the dance becomes the expression of the body as it finds itself and its own movement. > This is a process to return to the body to the creative energy that inspires movement. > Rather than aspiring to an aesthetic ideal, the dancer attempts to expose elements of life through exploring the most fundamental physical and psychological elements.


In 2022 workshops will take specific focus on ideas and concepts to dance/move,ent explorations


"The desert grows, and woe to him who conceals the desert within him..." – Friedrich Nietzsche "Dithyrambs of Dionysus"
This workshop will from the structure of 'The Desert Within' workshop in Delhi held a week before. Melaka Workshop Pod will take its own explorative stream within the sites of Melaka including at Pulau Besar. This workshop will also incorporate trance elements with Agus Riyanto & Agung Gunawan. The Desert as a metaphor for creative openess. The Desert Within is a workshop for a radical integration. An integration of the inner and the outer, psycho-emotional realms to the kinesthetics.
This is a workshop of a desert of the senses, of the spirit, of faith, and destitute. If there is no creativity or acceptance of one’s limits, the relationship can end. The relationship between dancer and the spectator to create enchantment within a certain void - of water, of fertility
and life. With rain, the desert blossoms overnight– a fleeting moment, a display of an illusive enchantment.
This is part of a series of experimentations in the reciprocal reposition of the interior to the exterior for kinesthetic aesthetics. In this extended class we shall begin with psychophysical exercises using different levels of trance to evoke movements that comes from the interior – states of crisis.

On-going Workshops (text Tony on 0412 019 876)

Every Saturday, 10am to 12 noon

Classes will incorporating continuing training methodologies, experimentation and improvsation.
General focus includes the themes of 'effortless movements', 'quietitude' and 'stillness' and introducing different level of trance focuses. The common thread to shamanism would be the focus on trance states in movement aesthetics. The classes are ongoing and autonomous with your own style of physicality. We experiment different ideas and often end the class with a session of improvisation within a structured space.





activities/workshop history


Workshops in the last decade have been numerous spanning classes in Greece, The Netherlands, UK, Columbia, Denmark, Norway, France, Germany, India, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Malaysia, India, Cambodia, South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia.

early workshops include:

> Workshops mix disciplines at Castlemaine Arts Festival in country Victoria, SAustralia, Mar 2015

> Workshops Pascitan, Javain Indonesia – Jan 2015

> Workshops at 5 festivals in Indonesia – Island Festivals 2010-2015 in Bangka Island, Bali, Malang, Yogyakarta and Bandung June 2010

> Centre for Practical Workshop and Professional Training in Performance in Ho Chi Minh City August 2009

> Word Dance Alliance Summit Speaker in Forum 'Dance in and of Diaspora', Brisbane July 2008

> Centre for Practical Workshop and Professional Training in Performance in Ho Chi Minh City August 2007 and September 2008

> Korea International Workshop Festival in Munmak 2006

> Mentorship program with Emily Cox/Red Shoes Dance Theatre, Alice Springs, Sept 2006

> Little Asia Creators Workshop, Korea Aug 2005 + Korea International Workshop Festival

> Workshops for actors and dancers, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

> Workshop for Drama Teachers, Melbourne University 2003

> Speaker in MAP (Movement and Performance) Symposium 1998 - Asian Connection

> In the panel for New Theatre in Australian Theatre Conference, VCA 1995.

> Conference on Art for the Future, Toyabunkah, Bali 1990



on-going classes


Tony Mb: 0412 019 876



Email: tonyyap@netspace.net.au > Ph: +61 412 019 876
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